The work of Byron Katie

I have been listening to the the work. –
It is indeed a good experiment for (self) awareness and a good mental exercise.
It looks somehow a combination of:

Cynicism- It insists a lot on not trying to interfere, judge, or change the reality that surrounds you or the people who is around you. Just take reality as it is, even when is unkind and cruel. Your opinions will not change this harshness.

Angelical- The whole point is to try not to engage too much with your own thoughts or judgments, see that everything are projections of yourself and as a consequence just a kind of mirage with few relevance. Take things light and take them all. Smile.

To me there are some matters hard to digest:

– If I can take anything and nothing harms me and nothing makes a difference then I could potentially live with everything, it would not matter who to love or who to spend time with, since my opinions and my tastes are not relevant I could take anyone. As a consequence I find the system a way to devaluate love.

– If I can take everything, then I can also take all the bad parts of life. I can just suck it up and live with it. As a consequence it could be that I never quit nothing, I never look for change, I never say to myself “this is not good for you”. In this way, the system can bring me to being to steady, to take anything, just a guy with shinny eyes seeing how his life develops in front of him without any control or will.

– If I can take anything, then I cannot improve or I cannot try to make a change. I am not talking about big words like “everybody should love everybody “ more like things like “this guys should not rob me”. If nothing has any value, if it is non of my business then maybe I am happier in my numb world but i am for sure not a mother of change.

– If I am the only one who does that, and around me I am surrounded by assholes (it is not my case but it could be) then I am giving them an advantage and they could take a profit join me. Again if I am absolutely in peace, that might not be important for me but is clearly not a pursue of the general good.

I like the idea of our feelings based on concepts that hurt us. I enjoy filling the papers because they make my knowledge grow but I disagree with the outcome to that. I think you can have different reactions to just sip it and smile. For me this is just a step for those who has too many troubles with too many things or high levels of anxiety and a nice operation to use once on a while but I find it less interesting from the operational point of view.


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