CC your enemy

I am trying to CC as few as possible.
If I send an email, I am expecting the people who receives it to read it. This is not always happening when we get around 50 emails in carbon copy a day.
I stopped to read them in a certain moment of my life, which led me to one of the biggest mistakes in my career. It was a dreadful experience and I will not repeat it. So I read everything now. I read it carefully and taking notes. Most of the is wasted time because most of the content in emails (specially in certain industry) has a value of only 24 hours.
Still nowadays some of my boss demand to be in cc about everything. Every single communication. Every detail. I can imagine some of my boss get hundred emails as an average per day. Read them and you will be drained by when you turn forty. I am talking about people who trust me , who let me decide about some thousands of euros here and there, and still they want it. They get upset if I don’t cc them.
To me not cc’ing is a mark of respect. For sure I will cc you if there is an issue. I will call you, ask you, look for advice. But in the same way that I try not to bother the people who are below me with stupid cc’s , I would do the same with the ones who I have above.
It is no doubt one of the worse practices of corporate Europe. What once might have been working in a more direct, talkative, humorous or straight rash way, now is full of willing to do and as much as possible and buts. And cc’s.
It is a kind of language that everybody uses but nobody claims fatherhood; english claim they would be more ironic and use a bit more fucks and damns, americans that they would be much brief, germans that they sound like that but they write in german, frenchman that they prefer metaphorical language and circular sentences, spanish that they prefer to write the way they talk. And still, above a certain level of power all of us write the same way. And on top of that uniform way of language we use a second shell in the form of cc.
I would only cc bomb my worse enemy. Because is the worse way of communication. Most of times don’t care and if you do is probably partially too late, because the email has been sent.


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