New Steady App From Stupeflix Shoots Video With Cinematic Stabilization

video without stabilization is not good anough.


Last year Instagram made its first acquisition, buyingY Combinator company Luma which had come up with an app which could stabilize normally shaky video. It needed this stabilisation technology for obvious photographic reasons, leaving the way open for a new company to take its place.

Steady is a new app from long-time online video startup Stupeflix, which has slowly but surely been building up a stack of very interesting video-related IP over the last few years. If there is a company which has both created a big idea platform and stayed under the radar, it’s Paris-based Stupeflix. And it’s barely raised money – from both Seedcamp and S500 Startups.

The Steady app allows you to shoot action videos from your iPhone with almost cinematic stabilization. The resulting videos are editable and sharable, can be shot in slo-mo (iPhone5 & up) and created in square or 16:9 recording…

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