I have to admit I am stubborn and childish sometimes.
When I knew that the Kiel Institute was celebrating its 100 years of existence and organizing some events I thought it may mean that they wanted to celebrate with me too. I was wrong.

On February I asked about the calendar to a really specific email address called “events”. I got no answer. Maybe because I was asking in english? Well I cannot believe it. The Kiel institute is ranked 7th in economic Think Tanks around the world. It can’t work just in german.

Then there was the conference from two weeks ago. Read the program and tell me that you would not like to attend.

Say it. No way. It looked just delicious, inspiring, full of information. So I wrote again. This time I got a short answer. “Which is your background?”. I answered. As humble and motivated as possible. I imagined that if they answered they could let me sit at the end of the room, taking notes and feeding my brain. I spend a good hour in the answer. And I got no more answer from the events mailbox.

I understand that some conferences are just for members, in which case my background does not matter. And I also understand there are other conferences where you need to pay, in this case my background would be of not use either. It is harder for me to understand how an email which is called events can stop to give information.

It is the third time that I try to attend some activity organized by the Kiel Institute and I got not just a no as an answer but no answer at all. I hope and expect the Institute treats better those who want to be their sponsors , and in case I may be a sponsor in the form of tax payer, then I am really disappointed. I could not figure this point out due to the not so clear corporate information on their page.

As proved enough, the administration or members of the Institute are only interested in the transmission of knowledge between those who make a living on learning and reading and not for those who are part of the productive economy who they claim to study. Oh, the irony.



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