THOSE THINGS HAPPEN (I got big time billed for downloading an episode of The Americans)

So finally it happened. I thought it was a myth. I got a bill for downloading video material on the Internet. The worst part is I was not even aware of downloading it.
But when you got a twelve page file written in german, under your girlfriend’s name telling you that the original cost by law would be 1500€ but they will be benevolent and charge only 515€ if you pay immediately, well, then I guess you pay. At least that was what I did. In order to get rid of the fear and as a fair price for all the free video watching I have been practicing for years now. One of the problems in Europe is how hard is to do things legal. I pay a lot of things but there are a lot that I did not pay. So here I am , almost 600€ poorer. I have been on vacation for this money. I could go to el Celler the Can Roca and invite Andrea and I could still tip for that money. A big waste.

Some ideas that occurred to me:

– If you plan to live in Germany , uninstall utorrent. Utorrent is the software that I used the fewer in my life and finally turned to be more expensive.

– Check how the new app for Cuevana works. I am under the impression that Cuevana downloaded something – instead of just streaming it- since it looks like it uses a P2P system in its desktop version.

– Think twice about downloading. I even think twice about streaming. I mean I know it is illegal. I don’t know if they can fine you for doing it.

– Save money for surprises. This is the first time in my life that I felt clearly that your whole life go into instability if you go short on money or if you are just not ready for eventualities.

– Get a legal advisor. A problem in Germany for me is that I had nobody to ask. In Barcelona I have some friends who I could ask and they would not be bothered or would ask for money. In Germany I did not. Sure Andrea offered to ask but then you need somebody to take care of it; in a way I find it important to be legally independent.

– Forget about guilt. It is weird because I felt I kind of deserved the fine. This is another reason why I did not fight. It is a weird feeling. Maybe I am mixing up things in my head and since I am somebody lazy and self-indulgent with carbs I decide I had to be punished? I need to go and visit my therapist.

– Be conscious. I don’t remember downloading nothing. I don’t know the law in Germany. I did not know how much money there was left in my account. I did not know who to ask when it comes to difficult matters. Basically I moved to Germany and I had the attitude of a twelve years old kid. I am not a rigid person, and this is an understatement but adult life is that. Get a bit of a grip on it.



Un pensament sobre “THOSE THINGS HAPPEN (I got big time billed for downloading an episode of The Americans)

  1. els imprevistos ens carden de tant en tant… com bé dius quan vas justet et pot ben deixar en núm vermells.

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