Feelings and tech

Internet has turned to be a compilation of success stories.

Some people who make fun of self-help books, read instead any superficial text from any kid who made it to sell his company big time.

I am one of those.

I used to read poetry.

The thing about success literature is that it looks like the more your read the closer you are to get there. Ehem.

Motivation literature is about talk about greatness to be great. There is no room for common people problems like today I feel lazy, or what is the point or I have a hangover.

Fair enough. We don’t need to turn tech even more sensationalist.

But as a consequence, we are building a universe where emotions and problems have been disappearing. It looks like none of the founders around the world have ever picked up a fight with his/her wife. Ehem.

Anything that gets in the way to accomplishment is an obstacle.

Negative feelings and complaints are not part of the narrative of the way to success so they appear nowhere.

Some believe and promote that any possible problem can be over thanks to the use of technology in a smart way. We can can fight overweight, insomnia, depression or even poverty with technology. More on that by Morozov.

Feelings are not based in rational thinking or data plus they have the strange ability to stop us and weaken us and so we need to keep them away.
Happiness is all right. Satisfaction too. But anything that can make my day less productive or that takes space of my brain and is not part of my plan should not be there.

Tech world needs men of action. We all should be John Wayne alike. ” Kid, everybody has problems so just get over it”. And since you want to be big, the bigger you get, the bigger the problems will get, so just be ready. And, please, for god sake, do not talk too much about it.


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