I used to look down on all kinds of moaning.

I used to fantasise about of opening a barber shop with free ironing service and cocktails. People would arrive to the place in good spirits, leave their moods at the door and get light and drunk. No need for exaggerated laughs, just a civil smile and the strict rule of no complaining while being there.

When I started to drink less and I realised there were still problems around- sitting and chatting in my mental sofa- I changed my mind about complaining.

You need to speak it up sometimes. Doing it, and doing it right has a liberating power; since it is common to have bad days,it is fair to express it instead of hide it behind a smile.

Talking about it can help. It takes a while. It is boring. But it works and by doing we can find the root(en) cause and put the solution on the way.

Moaning can take considerable amounts of energy. Moaning can waste our energy and lead us to inactivity. And thanks to knowing about its dangers , is when we can use it right.

There are three main issues that can come up when you never complain:

1) Those around you will take it for granted that you are just fine, they will tend not to worry about you and to never even ask again

2) You will get to listen tones of complains. In conversations one plays the problematic and the other the therapist. If you are not explaining your problems , you are listening to them. It is only a matter of who dominates the communicative space.

3)  Believe that by not talking about it and not showing any external manifestation there is not a problem. Maybe you never have problems in which case good for you. Under any other circumstances, please visit a friend.


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