Qui ens escriu la història? (Who writes our history?)

Old article but worth a read.On the situation in Catalonia. Author: Enric VIla.

Dietari a Destemps



Some days ago I dined with Josep C. Verges, the son of the publisher of Josep Pla and the magazine Destino. We talked about the difficulty of thinking and writing honestly in this country so infected by propaganda. The conversation turned towards Spanish fascism. I tried to explain the thesis of the book I have published about Pla. Since he knew him personally, I wanted to know his opinion. I said that in my view the moralist Pla, the universal Pla, cannot be understood without the Spanish repression and then Verges added:

-Yes of course. My father who was a well informed person said: «Look how Spaniards have taken away everything from us and there nothing we can do yet we are still here. In the Hendaye meeting Franco did not quarrel with Hitler for territorial ambitions but because he refused to help solve the Catalan Question».

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