Last month I was in the Art Director’s Club Conference in Hamburg.
I will not go there next year. For 250€ I can get tones of books.

The quality of the talks was low. Nowadays the trend is to hate TED. That’s a good thing since it means people become more and more selective and experienced. As artificial as they are, as empty or full of fake enthusiasm you can expect some work behind any TED talk. You better don’t expect the same in a ADC talk.

Most of the professionals talking there were:
1) giving success examples. the problem with success examples is that they are hard to reproduce.
2) putting tones of improvitation, jokes and energy to pretend they were not just talking about themselves.

Besides that, some funny notes for a conference facing the digital tread/challenge:

No wifi in the conference room.
No tables of any sort where to place your laptop.
No plugs.

There was a bit – just a bit- of tecnology (adding real value) when they spoke about how Nike is making any human being into an athlete. And Marc d’Arcy was fresh and interesting and absolutely facebook centered.

The general feeling was being in a conference of an afraid, aging, self-centered industry that is unaware of how much people tend to hate advertising, specially the kind of advertising so crafted and so branded that lacks any personality.

And please, guys, really, no need to speak in german or make jokes. No real need.

Art Directors club

Some of the talks


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