Rights. Forever.

When dealing with cast selection for our photo productions we often clash with a legal problem. A problem that might have an easy solution.
Some clients demand- not negotiable- to have image rights without time limit. This is illegal in Spain. Nobody can give his/her image rights to nobody forever.
We tried to talk with clients, make them understand that they could set a time limit , let’s say thirty years, so the problem would be solved.
That’s the answer. “We have always got the rights without time limit so we want it the same way.”
All right. Ok. Well, let’s see what the casting agencies say.
“That cannot be”. “Outrageous”. They complain about conditions. They want more money even though we are paying good money- no superstar money, but good money for a country with almost a 30% of unemployment- to the models.
And they moan and send us letters telling us that what we do is illegal. Which is true. As illegal as lots of their practice – charging 20% of agency commission to the client and 20% more to the model.
So here we are in the middle of two opposite forces. We want to keep on producing pictures in Spain and making our clients happy but we have to accept that nobody tries to understand us.
The weirdest part is that it is starting to be normal to us to fly in talent from other countries in Europe since they do not mind about signing those (horrible but also useless) contracts.
Companies will not publish the same pictures for more than two or three years because they will build new products, they will need new looks; so the company will own your image but will not use it.


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