I did not want a production kit

Mentors kept on telling me I should get a case and fill it with anything I may need to run successfully a project; no matter where or with whom I would be producing a photo/film, I should be independent.
I fought hard against this idea since I always considered that some of the thigns where on the production company’s list of responsibilities, not in mine. I quite fighting since experience showed me that I am the one who finally looks like an idiot.

Power- Double your adaptors, bring cables for iPhones 4 and 5, any android device and even Nokia. For the office, for the car, anywhere. Be sure that an important figure will come to set with an old , weird mobile device.


Print /Scan- I want to be paper-free. I really want. But apparently people around me resists. Plus you don’t want to lose any minute with the drivers of a printer if you are already tight on time.So let’s buy at least light devices. I love the scan. I hate any printer.


Receipts- Nothing annoys me more than old paper receipts. I am looking forward for an easy receipts generator – not just for money- . Every time I borrow/lend a runners a memory stick or a pencil it gets lost.

Ipad- I have no Ipad for personal life. But keeping an Ipad really empty of things only for the storyboard or the layouts an locations seems to me a good idea.

Tablet- For contracts. Contract mean tones of paper. Wet paper. Staples. Paper that gets lost. Some people are already working on the matter. Keeping all contracts digitals and just using a Wacom to sign and the tablet camera to snapshot. Nice and clean.

Suunto- Yes. Lots of people still prefer the old good sunto instead of sun keeper or any other device. Well, in our business you damn need to know where will be the sun. So just get one.


Gadgets- For advertising with cars bring toy cars to simulate actions. For sports bring crash pads and with kids bring a backup. And with americans crews book the night before in the hotel so they can sleep when they arrive on the early flight. All that you can’t fit in the case but good to fit in your brain.

Dropbox- Keep the archive somewhere where your team have easy access to it. Limit permissions for changing documents but let it read to a wide group of people-

Calendar – Sync the Calendars of your crew. And use the reminders.

Contacts – I hate when somebody tells

Suppliers- On the first day ask your runner where you can find nearby the office and the hotel where the clients are: a pharmacy, an ink supplier, a good japanese restaurant and a 24h paramedic.

Besides that the obvious: paper, staples, pencils, pens, batteries of any imaginable kind, a bunch of other things that individual experience teach us and lots of patience.



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