What Wunderlist could not do for me

Last Tuesday I got a second no from the recruiting team in Wunderlist.
I am not a native english speaker. And the position was for copywrighting. Understood. I would most probably have done the same.
I learnt English by talking, reading and watching TV. I did not put the kind of effort in grammar to get a job as a writer.
To-do lists help you with automatic, short achievements but they would not help with bigger , more difficult goals..
Joseph Conrad or Vladimir Nabokov learnt english in such a way that they manage to write excellent literature in a language they learnt being yound adults.
This is a prove that it can be done, so no need to find excuses. Just the time and the energy to do the same.
This also a prove that we need to learn a lot of things and some really well while we are young because later competition and decline in capacity due to aging will be critical.


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