What Wunderlist could do for me

Geolocation: It would be great that the tool remind me to visit somebody or shop anything whenever I walk close to it.

Conditions: There are lots of things that are connected with others. Keep an invisible list that you can just start to do once you unlock others. When “X”, then “Y”.

Push: If the user doesn’t say when is time to achieve what he wants is because he doesn’t really want to do it. So in a new feature is mandatory to set the date.

Rate: We can rate the things we want to do from important to less important but why not say if it is difficult or why is that difficult.

Share it : Wunderlist will alsoautomatically ask you to rate whatver you have done and achieved: a book, visiting a country or watching a movie.

Prove it: Following with this kind of instructor style. When we set a goal that we set as difficult. Take a picture, record a sentence. Give a prove of achievement.

Let me help: When you type works like buy, find, compare, etc. Wunderlist gives you automatically answers. You can teach him where to find the answers (amazon, ebay, goodreads…).

That’s a start folks.



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