Learning from Playstation games (reading time 01:14)

The other day I spent 60 euros in old Playstation 3 games. The bargains. Basically me helping FNAC ending its stock. As in any bad buy the consumer is actually helping the seller.
Anyway I did it. The day after I realized I made a mistake. I tried to bring back the package and get back my money but the nice girl told me it was not possible because it was open- yes, I had to play the night before to see how bad they were.
So now I am the proud owner of two playstation games for teenagers. I want to learn german. I want to go to the gym. I want to learn coding. I want to read. And here am I , getting two of the most timekilling machines man have ever invented.
So yesterday I felt a poorer-loser.
Today I thought the games might help me. The games I bought are about killing people. Find the target and shoot. Before they do the same with you. You need some nerves. You need some patience. You need to be a damn cold-blood killer. And that is exactly what I am not. 90% of the mistakes I make come from too-fast-poor-decision-making and not coping well with pressure.
So today I decided if I get something back from the games I would not have thrown money to the toilet but I would have made a savy investment.
Let’s see. Load your gun.


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