My first 10000 euros

Last year I accomplished one of the goals in every good man’s life.
Wasting my first 10000 euros.
Not by investing and failing.
Not by using it(badly) and learning,
I talk about direct and brutal money wasting. This kind of exchange where you get no return.
Most of this waste comes from a really dangerous practice called not thinking. Not thinking and paying beers to unknown people (who keep unknown in the future too), not thinking and paying for a university course I will not be able to attend (and that I am not interested in) or not thinking and paying people who do their job (bad) without supervision.
Different categories of the same activity.
It has been a long run.
I started to make some money when I was 18, so it is not so much money of you see it per year but it is a good sum when you consider what it could have been done.
It is totally clear that I wasted this money because I had it in my pocket. No big drama. This way of non thinking.
So for the next 32 years of my life I want just two things related with money – first- be able to generate enough money to be able to waste it and – second – think about it , see the absurdity and decide not to do so.
Let’ see. So far it has been a 10k therapy.


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