Faro, Portugal, Europe.

Dear diary,


as a german you believe you a part of a country that is full of

unfriendly people that are always in a rush and mostly stressed. which

is often true, unfortunately! you think of southern europe as a

relaxed place with nice, friendly people and beautiful old towns with

narrow streets. until you finally arrive in Faro. at the latest, here,

you get desillusioned. coming from the aiport I asked the taxi driver

for a bill when we had arrived at the hotel. it turned out that he

spoke german, anyway he prefered to swear in portugese mentioning

Merkel and getting really mad, wehn I asked him what´s wrong with me

he gave no answer. he threw the receipt book in the glovebox and

slammed shut it. is it really a crime to ask for abill? and how can it

be that it is more normal to pay no tax than to pay tax?

I am always a bit naive when I travel. because I love it. I love

unknown places, different food and people. then in return it always is

a bit a painful to realize that people are nasty. germans can be

nasty, too. I know, just when I took the bus in kiel to the airport

the busdriver was a real nightmare, givin stupid speaches to his poor

customers that just had 50 euro bills, but at home I alsways have the

choice to be unfriendly as well, abroad I tend to avoid confrontations

because in the end you don´t speak the language and you can´t win the


faro is not old and beautiful, it is just old. houses are not about to

fall apart, they are fallen apart. and not just the one or the other.

no, the townscape is characterized by completly wrecked houses. there

is no charme of an old city with narrow little streets. the city seems

to be poor, the people are unfriendly. today when I crossed the street

without realizing there was a car and the driver honked directly,

later when my friend was at the bus station already and I was a minute

away and the driver could see me already he wouldn´t wait even though

there was no other bus for an hour. the hotel is cold because it is

not warm, not even in southern portugal, in winter and they don´t have

heaters here. the hot water is a joke because it just lasts a couple

of seconds. and the coffee is not half as good as in spain and not

quarter as good as in italy. maybe I am just sick and exhausted from

work but so far I have to say faro doesn´t impress me that much except



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