Sun Seeker. An App.

One App for your mobile device. One more. That one doing what technology is supposed to do: increase knowledge and save time. The name is Sun Seeker and seeking the sun is what it does. When people talk about augmented reality and 3D sometimes we imagine only stupid marketing campaigns or things that in fact are important for nobody. Apparently not in this case. At least in Southern Europe where is having a certain hype. Probably because one of the unique things that work – and one of the origins of wealth- in this area of the world is exactly the sun. So being able to know where the sun will be at a certain time seems here a serious matter. Some months ago when we discovered Sun Seeker it was still a quite specialised software. Really useful for professionals photographers and directors in order to schedule their working days. Some years ago the same process would have cost more time, more people and finally, sometimes, more deceptions. The application is precise, clean and really easy to use. Lately, as many other pro- applications, we find it here and there. Last week a young couples were checking out where the sun would be at 5pm from their potential new apartment terrace in front of the Sales Agent suspicious eyes.


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