article B canada

CANADA is a catalan production company. They started an ambitious cultural project- editing, shooting video, illustrating- on 2007. They created a certain amount of hype in the local level. Things were developing in a quite normal way until the shoot the Guincho music video.

The Guincho music video  is a quite ambitious project and is somehow a summary of all the previous music videos and projects. It shows all what defines Canada style. Shooting in film 16mm or 8mm , with an illustrative/iconic (non-narrative) style, with important influence from european symbolic tradition and the american flash glam. As it is interesting from the individual point of view it is more important as a part of new scene in the european video production.

No special effects, on digital postproduction but a kind of come back to a traditional way of shooting: good, craft-made wardrobe, studied art-direction, lack of interest for a lineal narrative and a deep aesthetic sense are the tools to create something good and something cheap at the same time.

The music video emission generated a quite high international buzz that brought the company to sign with giant PARTIZAN , to shoot for the renowned band Scissor Sisters and to appear in cultural and trend magazines all around the world. It might be a good idea to check once on a while what else they can offer.



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