article A on canada

If Barcelona was at any time important in the designer or creative world is not anymore. It got repetitive, poor and mostly touristic driven and thought. Anyhow once on a while there is a significant exception. The new Barcelona-hope creative hub is called Canada . They direct videos. They do not discuss with the client who is who , so they sell a concept of non authorship. The company produce as a whole. And sometimes one of the members is the director, others the editor or just one of the illustrators.

The bands from the new pop catalan scene are just willing to shoot with them. Some clients are even starting to think about getting innovative and risky videos to announce their products. So we could call it a success, at least a local success, at least a local success in the indie world.

They look talented, they look different, the look original. Wait.

Are they original? That one is the matter of a recent article by also director and theorical Pol Penas who defends they are as good as somebody can be and what make them so good is the ability to reproduce and repeat things that have been done before.

As an important catalan intellectual used to say (and was not the first one) “art is rather tradition or copy”. Canada and their new projects will show if they become part of a tradition or they disappear under the  cultural mass production of our days. We go for the first option.


For some examples:


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